Our Facility sits on 112 acres of fertile soil in the Garden State of New Jersey. Our greenhouses consist of a 100,000 square foot, 100% glass-enclosed growing area. By using all-glass growing houses we can ensure that our products receive even light exposure and proper temperature controls.

In addition to our enclosed greenhouse we also have an additional 100,000 square feet of roll-out areas. Roll-outs allow us to acclimate our plants to the surrounding atmosphere so that they are not "shocked" when the customer goes to plant them. Roll-outs help to "harden" plants so that their tolerance is built up to withstand the elements.

Current Expansion Project

In 2012 we started work on a greenhouse expansion project that will be up and running by fall of this year. The project consists of 60,000 sq feet that is being constructed as a new "plug" range. This will allow LFG to better utilize our existing 200,000 sq ft space for finished production. During the excavation phase of construction LFG has leveled off an additional 14 acres and installed the underground plumbing and electrical for even more future expansion.

At Lennon Farm Greenhouses We Are Sowing The Seeds of the Future